Saturday, December 19, 2015

A great hunt.

Had a great cottontail and Jackrabbit hunt the other day. I walked just over five miles, and ended up with two cottontails and a jack. All three head shots, no meat wasted. The rabbits will be stuffed saddles, and the Jack will be hare stew. I can't wait

Scott Rea's stuffed cottontail saddle.

I was able to get a couple of bunnies the other day, and decided to make Scott Rea's stuffed rabbit saddles. They turned out amazing. If you get a chance, watch some of Scott's videos, and give some of his recipes a try! You won't be disappointed.

A beautiful pair of tails

Food in the snow.

Rabbit legs.

The loins.

Mushroom and rabbit meat stuffing.

Wrapped up.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Hank Shaw's Sardinian Hare Stew

Had a chance to make Hank Shaw's recipe for Sardinian Hare Stew. It turned out amazing, and everyone loved it. Thanks Hank. Give his article a read here. It says a lot about eating Jackrabbits.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More gadwalls

Sunday morning came pretty early at four a.m. Got down to our spot, and had all the dekes out by six. We had a total of nine gadwalls into the decoys, I wish we were better shots sometimes. Ended up with a pair, one drake, one hen.

Monday, November 2, 2015

First ducks of 2015/2016


I was able to get out with the Old Man for our first duck hunt of the year yesterday. We had the decoys out, and were ready to go just before shoot time. The ducks were a little late to the party, but they showed up at about 6:15. The first ones to come were a pair of mallards, they blew right by the decoys, and landed around the corner of the tules from us. 

Just as I was thinking of walking over to them to take a shot, a group of gadwalls came right into the dekes. We knocked down four of them! Unfortunately, one swam into the tules, and one landed deep inside of them. As I was out picking them up, another group came in. One more down! Now we've got five birds down, and I only have one in hand. I saw where number five fell, and walked right to it. Two in hand. I was searching for the one that swam into the tules when four mallards flew in, I tried to fire at one, and got a click. Dammit!!!!! Forgot to chamber a new round. I was totally exposed, and they left in a hurry. 

I couldn't find the duck in the tules so I went to find the other two. I found one by following a feather trail, and finally gave up on the other one. When I got back to my hiding spot on the other side of the hole, the duck was right there. She must of swam across while I wasn't watching. Awesome! Four in hand, one still in the bush. 

There were only a couple more ducks flying, and they weren't interested in us, so we called it quits. I decided to go look for the last duck in the tules now that the sun was up. I actually fond her, all the way up on dry land, just sitting there. Five birds in hand. None lost!!! 

Five birds, on public land, in the middle of a drought. I'll take it!

A couple of rabbits.

Got out to get a couple of rabbits the other day. Used the backs, bellies, and ribs to make some stock. Dishes to come.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grandma's applesauce.

My wife's Grandmother lives in Trinity County California, and has several apple trees on her property. Last week we received twenty seven pounds of apples from her trees. We decided to make applesauce out of them. Pretty simple recipe...3 lbs of apples, 1/2 cup of honey, and any flavors you choose. We made one batch of raspberry, and the rest cinnamon. After about six hours of peeling, trimming, chopping, cooking, and canning we ended up with fourteen pints of delicious applesauce.

Celebration time.

Meet Ian, Ian's a real fukar!

My buddy Ian called me about a crazy plan. Let's go Chukar hunting he says! We'll go camping, hunting, and drinking. Sounds pretty good to me, only one problem though. Ian is what I like to call a real sonofabitch! The kind of skinny guy, that's in shape, and loves walking up hills. All kidding aside this was a great trip.

We arrived a little late on Friday night,and set up camp in the dark. We somehow managed to set the trailer up perfectly with a perfect view. Shortly after setting up camp I was able to stick two nice bullfrogs with a fishing rod and a bare hook. Less than an hour into the trip, and we're already into game. Awesome. 

The next morning we slept in, had a nice leisurely breakfast, and hit the road. It was a short truck ride from camp before we started up a canyon.  We walked up for about an hour before we got to a guzzler, no birds, no problem, back to camp for lunch and beers? Nope. Some fukar named Ian thinks we should go higher and farther. Ok. I'm down, just a fat guy walking uphill all day, no problem. We walked higher, and farther, and higher, and farther. No birds. We finally started to head back to the truck, when I saw a perfect canyon. Steep, rocky, with signs of bird shit. I sarcastically suggest that perhaps the Fukar should go check it. He does. Not ten minutes later he opens up with five shots!!! 

Dave sees two birds land at the bottom of the hill we just walked up, against our better judgment we lose altitude to check them out. We walked down, waited, stomped. Nothing. They must of flown further down the canyon. Oh well, we tried. Ian comes down the hill with two birds in hand. As he gets to the bottom the other two birds jumped up, one went towards me, one went over his head, two more birds down. Four birds in the bag. Ian and Dave chased after the rest of the covey while I waited and held my ground, did I mention I'm the fat guy. Dave shot one hard, but a huge gust of wind blew it a hundred yards away. It hit the ground running but was never seen again. We headed back to the truck, and it was brutal. I was fighting two blisters, and some serious chafing. Did I mention I'm the fat guy? Dave's legs were cramping up, but we fought it off to make it back to the truck. Just in time for some pics and a couple of beers. By far the toughest hike of my life. 

We headed into Gerlach for some Bruno's. We had a couple beers, and some good hot food. The raviolis are better than you've heard. We made in back to camp, and I slept like a log.

I went to bed Saturday night with no intention of going chukar hunting ever again. My allergies were killing me, my toes were blistered, I was chafed and beat dog dead tired. I felt surprisingly well the next morning, and after catching a couple of trout in the morning I decided to go again. We drove to a different spot with a natural spring. On the way in we saw the most rarest of all creatures, THE ROAD CHUKAR!!!!! That's right three chukar  running right down the road. Unbelievable! We stopped, loaded up, and gave chase. They immediately flew across the road, never to be seen again. This of course led us on a chukar chase, up and down again.  Ian ended up going way up another hill, while Dave and I stayed a little lower. Ian did manage to get one more bird, and I got one shot after he chased them down.  We chased a couple of rabbits, and called it a day.

Back at camp I made some awesome Cajun chicken pasta, had a few drinks, and hit the sack. We were up early the next day to catch a few more fish, have a couple of fantastic Bloody Marys, pack up the trailer, and hit the road. It was a great trip, and I hope a new tradition.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The rabbit vs. the Crickett

Took my son out for his first rabbit hunt of 2015/2016. He has been out a couple of times the last two years, but there hasn't been many rabbits. This year is going to be alot different. We saw at least ten different bunnies and four Jacks, in a short hunt tonight.  He took about seven shots at a few bunnies, and one Jack. He was very close, but couldn't get it done. We'll practice some more tomorrow morning, and go out again tomorrow night.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Dove Opener skunk.

I wish I could say different, but another skunk this year. Went to different places, and only saw four birds. Fired at two of them. Missed badly.

The boy did however show us all up, with his vast Bullfrog hunting prowess. I'm pretty sure he killed the Nevada state record!

Umpqua River Smallmouths

After about twelve years of waiting, I was finally able to make it to the Umpqua for my 40th birthday.  We booked a whole day float trip with Todd Harrington from the Big K Guest Ranch.

Todd was professional, knowledgeable, and an all around great guy to spend the day with. We left early from his back yard, and were into fish immediately. I started off with a fire tiger type popper, and landed a few. It was slow according to Todd so I switched to a girdle bug nymph. This was the go to fly, we caught them everywhere. Some from casting blind and stripping, some from a straight shot down to a sighted fish. It was a blast. My biggest fish came from NOT setting the hook on a small fish. As soon as the little guy spit out the fly a much bigger one came and nailed it. This kept up the whole float, one fish after the other. I was most impressed with average size of the fish. At least a14" average!

This was truly a dream trip. I was dealing with a case of tennis elbow, and was truly sore and tired from fighting fish constantly.

Headed out.
Beautiful markings.
Nice one.
A chewed up girdle bug.
Killer lunch.
Another pretty one.
My best Smallie.