Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lake Britton Smallmouth.

Headed out early Friday morning for a weekend of camping, hiking, and fishing.  This is the second year in a row that myself, and a couple of Cub Scout Dads have gone camping at Lake Britton.  This trip is a tent camping trip, with no trailers allowed.

I was able to fit everything in the back of the Sammy, with some room to spare. As we left it was raining with some snow on Peavine, not a good start. 

We arrived at Hat Creek at around 9:30. I decided to fish a little with the boy. It was tough going with him wrapping his line around his rod three times in an hour. I did manage to land one small wild Rainbow though.

With all the training I could handle we set off for the lake. We got to the campsite, set up camp, and I started casting a"complex twist bugger" from Fly Fish Food. My second cast landed me my biggest Smallie ever. Awesome! I worked my way around the cove, and caught several more. This fly is great, all of the hook ups were strong and deep. No hesitation.

The next morning I caught a couple more bass, and made pancakes for the boys. After breakfast we headed to Burney Falls, made the hike, and even followed the Pacific Crest Trail for awhile. Good times.

Sunday morning found a couple more bass. One that I sight fished to, in shallow water, with a slow sinking "Blue Collar Leech". After some breakfast burritos, and the Subway Caves, we headed home.

We had no rain at all while camping, and it rained the whole way home. Perfect timing.

Packed and ready to go.  Just the basics

An ominous looking start.

A big 'ol blowdown.

Wild Hat Creek Rainbow on a Utah Killer Bug.

My biggest Smallmouth ever.

"Complex Twist Bugger" inhaled.


White got it done.

Cribbage with the boy.


Another nice Smallie

Burney Falls

Scout packs.


Sleepy ride home.

Welcome home weather.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Quick evening trip

Rushed home after to work, to try and get an hour in at the pond. I arrived to find small fish rising eveywhere, and larger fish swirling after them. I tied on a black hopper and got the Green Sunfish, my first of the year. Caught two bass after that, but that was it. Nice night, mosquitoes are just starting to be a pain.