Monday, May 15, 2017

Monterey Bay trip, surf fishing, first striper.

My wife was invited to go diving with a friend in Monterey, sounds like a perfect chance for a little camping/surf fishing. We had a little trouble with snow over Donner, and a lot of trouble with a reckless driver in the rain on the 17.  About  45 minutes from our campground someone tried to squeeze around us, spun out, and smashed sideways into our new trailer. After about a 2 hour delay we made it to camp. Although completely totaled we were still able to sleep in the trailer so game on. 

I've tried fly fishing in the surf a couple of times before with no luck. Trying to find bars, ditches, troughs, tides, and currents are not easy. The waves all look the same. This time I was able to find two currents that ran into each other parallel to the beach. When they collided they basically made a perpendicular wake. This is where I concentrated my casting, and was rewarded with my first fly caught saltwater fish. It was just a little striper, but I couldn't of been happier. 


See any structure? Me neither.

Sand Crab

Surf selfie.

Fish on!

First Striper, first saltwater on the fly!

Complex Twist Bugger, gotta have some orange.

Monday, April 10, 2017

First fish of the year, the 'Mid, and a groove in my stripping finger

March 12th. That's as long as I can remember that it has taken me to catch my first fish of the year. This time last year I had already caught a Lohontan or three and several bass, one on top! This has been one of the wettest winters Northern Nevada has seen with plenty of cold temps in between. I went up to my home pond a couple of times, only to find it frozen still. Now that its finally thawed there's a steady stream of snow melt pouring in, who knows when it will be ready. The Truckee is WAY high, and usually muddy. That being said, this is going to be an epic year! The river and ponds will be FULL for the first time in years,

For now its all about The 'Mid, The Big Salty, Pyramid Lake. The land of giant Lahontan Cutthrout Trout. 

Sunday morning found me meeting my buddy Zach at the lake. He picked the beach, and I was there at six in the morning, we were not alone. There were already two other trucks with a few fisherman in each. We picked our spots, set up our ladders, and started stripping buggers and beetles.  Zach scored first with a nice fish on a beetle, I hooked another but couldn't land it. Zach caught another nice fish, again on the beetle but it slowed down after that. He switched to an indicator and midge set-up and quickly caught two more.  

I started to get a little down, what with Zach landing four and me only hooking one. The sun was up and bright by this time so I switched from a black bugger to a white one.  As they say, bright day, bright fly. After a few casts I hooked another fish, wait for it...I landed the first fish of 2017!!!!! a nice Lahontan! The white bugger was on fire with a couple more hooked, and a couple more landed.  I kept after it despite getting a bite, setting the hook like a madman, falling off my laddder and filling my waders. There's no better feeling than falling off your your ladder in front of at least seven guys. Trust me, you won't soon forget it. "Do you even set hooks, Bro?" Zach had to go shortly after, but I stayed for awhile and caught a few more. After wearing a pretty good groove in my finger I decided to call it quits. I ended the day with ten hooked and six landed. All six on the white Complex Twist Bugger, definitely my best day at the 'Mid.


First fish of 2017

A nice one of Zach's

Battle scarred warrior

The ladder line

Wearing a groove