Monday, May 15, 2017

Monterey Bay trip, surf fishing, first striper.

My wife was invited to go diving with a friend in Monterey, sounds like a perfect chance for a little camping/surf fishing. We had a little trouble with snow over Donner, and a lot of trouble with a reckless driver in the rain on the 17.  About  45 minutes from our campground someone tried to squeeze around us, spun out, and smashed sideways into our new trailer. After about a 2 hour delay we made it to camp. Although completely totaled we were still able to sleep in the trailer so game on. 

I've tried fly fishing in the surf a couple of times before with no luck. Trying to find bars, ditches, troughs, tides, and currents are not easy. The waves all look the same. This time I was able to find two currents that ran into each other parallel to the beach. When they collided they basically made a perpendicular wake. This is where I concentrated my casting, and was rewarded with my first fly caught saltwater fish. It was just a little striper, but I couldn't of been happier. 


See any structure? Me neither.

Sand Crab

Surf selfie.

Fish on!

First Striper, first saltwater on the fly!

Complex Twist Bugger, gotta have some orange.