Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bass on glass.

My wife's grandfather gave her an old Fenwick fiberglass 6/7 weight fly rod about seven years ago. It came with a Pfluger Medalist, American made reel, and is completely awesome. He bought it to fish for Trinity River steelhead.

She has used it a few times since then, and has even caught a few fish on it
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Rucker Lake Green Sunfish

We took a fishing trip this last weekend and she decided it probably wasn't the best rod for her. I had to agree. It's a little too heavy, and super slow. She always seems to be behind on her cast.
I thought that if she isn't going to use it, someone should. Why not me.

I took it out Sunday night to give it a try. I really love it. It has plenty of power, and can shoot plenty of line. I was able to land a couple of bass with it, and I'm digging the action. I could feel every head shake.

 I can't wait to catch a monster on it!

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