Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dove Opener lemonade.

This has been the worst year for doves that I can remember. Last year, the day before the opener I went to my dove spot to count birds. I left after I counted a hundred. This year I counted one the first day, and none the second.  We went to our secondary spot down along the river this morning, and saw four doves. I fired one shot.

We did notice some hefty looking bullfrogs along the shore though. The boy had asked to bring his BB gun, and I obliged. He usually gets to practice carrying a weapon around other hunters, and shoots a few cans. It is good for him to learn gun safety, and keeps him busy. Today was different. He got to try to pick off some bullfrogs. We all watched him miss the first few shots, and then he blasted one.  It was a little too far out, but with the help of a long stick I was able to bring it in for him. This is the first time he's brought game home. I couldn't of been more proud.

It didn't seem to phase him at all. He was after those frogs until he ran out of BBs. I wish I would of brought more. All in all he ended up shooting and retrieving three nice sized bullfrogs. He also managed to get wet up to his neck. Don't tell his Mom.

I'm going to cook them up for his lunch today. I hope he lets me try a bite. He's the only successful hunter today.

Frog's legs on fine china.

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