Saturday, October 11, 2014

Surf and Turf...

Northern Nevada style.
Met a couple of friends last night for some doves, crawdads, and frogs.  A regular Trifecta!! the doves were basically a no show, no surprise there. This is still the worst dove season ever. Me and the boy showed up at about five pm. We got the report...two frogs spotted, none hit. 

We decided to try a foggy looming spot across the river. We pulled our crawdad traps, and let about six or seven go. We headed over just before sunset, and I was able to get one dove on the walk back to the car.
The boy was the first one to the water, and before I could even get the light on it, he had the first frog. He was on fire all night, he nailed four more, and let me get two with the gig. This kid is quickly becoming my hero.

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