Thursday, September 3, 2015

Umpqua River Smallmouths

After about twelve years of waiting, I was finally able to make it to the Umpqua for my 40th birthday.  We booked a whole day float trip with Todd Harrington from the Big K Guest Ranch.

Todd was professional, knowledgeable, and an all around great guy to spend the day with. We left early from his back yard, and were into fish immediately. I started off with a fire tiger type popper, and landed a few. It was slow according to Todd so I switched to a girdle bug nymph. This was the go to fly, we caught them everywhere. Some from casting blind and stripping, some from a straight shot down to a sighted fish. It was a blast. My biggest fish came from NOT setting the hook on a small fish. As soon as the little guy spit out the fly a much bigger one came and nailed it. This kept up the whole float, one fish after the other. I was most impressed with average size of the fish. At least a14" average!

This was truly a dream trip. I was dealing with a case of tennis elbow, and was truly sore and tired from fighting fish constantly.

Headed out.
Beautiful markings.
Nice one.
A chewed up girdle bug.
Killer lunch.
Another pretty one.
My best Smallie.

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