Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fly fishing for bass under ice?

With a few days of temperatures in the 60's I decided to hit my bass pond after work today. I had pretty low expectations, having never caught a Nevada bass in February before. The pond was about 80% ice, so I went to what must of been the sunny end. There was only open water around the edges, and at the "creek" end. Not really a creek, just Spring run-off.  

I tied on an Olive Balanced Leech, and cast up against the opposite bank. I let it sink slowly with a VERY slow retrieve...BOOM! first bass of the year! I was able to hook one more on the olive leech until I lost it in a tree. I tied on a smaller, slower sinking "Blue Collar Leech in white, and hooked two more. 

I feel like I stole these fish this early in the year, looks like it's going to be a great season!

Bass under ice.

Olive Balanced Leech

White "Blue Collar Leech"

Mostly frozen

A nice Northern Nevada buck

A little scenery

Co-Pilot in the Sammy

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