Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Eagle Claw 6'6" 5/6 weight Feather Light

I was able to make a Craigslist deal on a new (to me) Eagle Claw Feather Light fiberglass fly rod. With the super windy weather last weekend, I wasn't able to test it out until today. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Reno today. High in the 70's, no clouds, and best of all no wind. I went to my local pond expecting to catch a ton of bass. That's NOT what happened. The fishing was very tough, I tried my simi seal leeches. No takes. I tried quick strips, slow strips, let 'em sink, across the surface. Nothing! I was finally able to get one bass on a Arizona Wanderings mini hopper. That's right. First top water of the year, who would've guessed?

I enjoyed fishing the new rod. It was a little tough to throw the streamers into the wind, but when I switched to a light hopper with a longer leader, it cast like a dream. I was able to make long casts with a soft landing. That is key at this pond, these fish are super nervous, and won't eat a hopper pattern that plops too hard. I can already tell that this is going to be my "go to" rod this summer. The best thing fits in my Suzuki Samurai strung up and ready to go.

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