Monday, May 2, 2016

A little shed hunting

After a couple of years of talking about it, I decided to finally do a little shed hunting. I hiked to a few spots, and found this one in deep. My first shed ever! I was completely stoked.  It was a little mouse chewed but I really didn't care.  

The next day I took the Wife and the Boy up to find some more. It was super cold and windy so we didn't last long. On the way back to the truck the Wife found one. Another three point. Awesome!

We all went out again on Sunday, and after much hiking I almost stepped on a real nice, fresh, brown antler! It's at least twice as big as the rest. What an awesome find! I can see this becoming a real addiction.  I'm going back tomorrow to look for the other side. Wish me luck!

The Wife's

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