Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Deer hair success

Early this last spring I took on the task of learning how to tie deer hair flies. I watched a few you tube videos, and set out to give it a try. My first efforts were pretty pitiful. I started with some hair from a buck I killed last winter. The packing went ok I guess, but I broke a lot of thread. The carving was the hardest part. The videos make it look incredibly easy. It is not. When you spend thirty minutes or more packing deer hair only to butcher it in the carving stage it is very frustrating. 

I did mange to make two bugs that I felt were fish able, on my maiden voyage with them I broke my new (to me) Fenwick. I missed a strike, caught a tree behind me, and snapped it in half. 

I did a little more research and ordered some hair and a DVD from Pat Cohen over at rusuperfly.com. It really helped. I was able to tie two nice Tapp's Bugs. I took them to a new pond I found, and proceeded to catch two very nice bass on top. One of them is definitely the biggest bass I've ever caught on top. I lost one bug in a tree, but still have the other one. I'm sure I'll tie up a few more in the months to come, and have even more success next Spring/Summer.

My first


Oh snap!

Two keepers

My best bass.

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